Do what you love and the money will follow? 
I’m not sure who said this but it’s something I’m always hearing, and even find myself saying to other people. What I really want to do is race motorcycles but we’re beyond that now. Riding is something I’m passionate about—exploring the world on 2-wheels. It’s where I seek confidence, imagine important things, and am 100% in the moment, alive. The other thing I love is photography. Sharpening different techniques with different kinds of cameras. High-contrast, vivid, sometimes film. Using old cameras takes patience and restraint—skills worth improving.

Professionally, I genuinely enjoy thinking about products and designing their reality. It’s force-of-habit at this point. For me, nothing is more exciting than working on something I love and seeing that thing being used and valued in the world.


User Experience Design Immersive - General Assembly
UX Bootcamp - General Assembly
Startup Studio Crit Leader - Cornell Tech
Mentor Mashup - Cornell Tech
Design Thinking - General Assembly
Social Models & IoT - Fjord Design Clinic
Augmented Reality - NY Hardware Meetup
Intro to User Experience - General Assembly

Apple App Store, Best New App, 2014
iPhone Photography Awards, 2010
SXSW Web Awards, 2005 Finalist