Hey, check out the Design Notes podcast where I was a guest. We talk about apps, aesthetics, and challenging industry norms. Lately I’ve been focusing on web3 concepts such as digital ID and governance at ConsenSys.

I also made these two side projects; Flashback Sticker Attack! is a fun animated sticker pack for iMessage, and Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine is an independent publication for riders and creators.


I’m a designer in-and-out of tech, 2x Co-founder, and a product thinker slash entrepreneur. Since Web1 I’ve worked for companies such as Google, Citymaps, MySpace, and a few early-stage startups that tried really hard—mostly in native mobile and social. Once I worked on an augmented reality motorcycle helmet. Sometimes I teach UX.

I swear by hype cycles and lo-res gifs. I’ve learned that systems are designed to enable or prevent people from doing things, and that people will engage with experiences and content they value. I believe that good design is appropriate and usable, does what it should, and feels good.


Guest, Design Notes Podcast
Google NYC

Motoveli Issue 2 Release
Triumph Brooklyn

Product Studio Crit Advisor
Cornell Tech

Instructor, UXD
General Assembly

International Motorcycle Show, NY

Product Design Workshop
Stink Studios

Speaker, Augmented Reality
NY Hardware Meetup

Speaker, Social Models & IoT
Fjord Design Clinic


Hack of the Month Series
NY Tech Meetup 2018

Best New App, Citymaps
Apple App Store 2014

iPhone Photography
Awards Winner 2010

SXSW Web Awards
Finalist 2005